Terms and Conditions

This webpage discloses the terms and conditions of the company and it is a must-read for every user who is trying to access this website or use its products and services. Here, we have enlisted the hidden details regarding the policies of the company regarding the content usage, third-party links, and so on and so forth. It is recommended to each user to continue using the website only if he or she completely agrees with each section of the disclosed terms and conditions. In case of any disagreement, be it fully or partially, the user shall refrain himself from accessing the website.

Authority of the usage
The website contains a plethora of information and details, in the form of graphics and content. All such data given on the website are just for the referential purposes, and no one has the authority to use that information further for commercial purposes. Copying, sharing, or distributing of those information is not allowed. And, one who is found guilty then he will be punished under the violation of the intellectual property rights.

Third party links
The third party links can be anything like the advertisement, banner or website link. These links are not for selling or promoting their products and services but they are seen on the screen so that they grab user’s attention. The company has nothing to do with the third party links in fact these are only for reference purpose.

Payment procedure and pricing
The payment and price depends upon the company norms, once you made booking from the website then the price at which you made your booking will remain fixed. The price will not be changed after booking.

Protect the password
The user must protect the password for the sake of his safety and security of his account or else, there might be chances of losing data. The password must not be shared with third party, user have to make sure as we will not be responsible for the issues associated with the password recovery. By any chance, if the user catches any misleading activity then, it is his duty to inform us quickly so that we can take relevant measures.

Modification of the booking
The modification depends upon the company whether it wants to bring any changes or not either in the terms and conditions or in any other document. However, we do not support any modification in the booking procedure or plans. In case, there is a need to modify then user must approach us about it immediately this may lead to the price differentiation and we shall not be held responsible for the same if such things happen.