Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy discloses the policies of the company associated with the data collection and protection. It is another important document after terms and conditions, which demands attention of the user. It is drafted by the company for the sake of safety and security of user’s data. It is a must-read document for you because it informs you about the process we follow to collect the data from the users, and how we safeguard them! It is necessary for you to read this piece of document carefully and only if you agree with the same, you must proceed further or continue to access the website.

Privacy policy is must-read for user
It is important for the user to read privacy policy because these policies are made for the sake of user, as there is so much of data, which we have collected from the user (by direct and indirect way). It is important to keep the user well informed about the collecting way of data as it increases validity to collect data from the users. Therefore, to know more about it users are supposed to read the privacy policy.

Importance of data collection
We don’t collect any of the personal data from the users without their consent. It is them who authorize us to collect that information. Now, the question is how they authorize us. Generally, when the user accesses our website or uses any of our products and services, it signifies us that they have read all the terms and conditions and privacy policies carefully and they have agreed upon each of the points. And, as they agree with the privacy policies, it authorizes us to collect the data from them.

Ways of collecting data
There are many ways or tricks through which we can collect data of the user. Nevertheless, the main two ways by which we can get the details about the user easily and quickly are by direct and indirect means. Both the means play a very important role in collecting the data.

Information collected by direct and indirect means
In direct means, the user is coming to our website and filling up the form which contains personal details like name, address, pin code, age, gender etc and in indirect means, as the user visit to the website we get the details of the user behavior, IP Address, operating system etc.

Protecting the user’s data
We do not believe in sharing especially the data of user because the data contains personal information, which we do not share until user asks us to share it with third party. No matter what, we never back off from our responsibility. We do not circulate the user’s data to the third party for our means.

Agreement and/or disagreement over policies
It will be better for the company to keep the policies liberal so that user will not face any problem. However, if, user faces issues regarding website then he should stop using the website straight away. As the user continues surfing, the website then it will signify that, the user is accepting all the policies of the company.